Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kim Graham's Giant Paper Eco-Troll.

Seattle sculptress Kim Graham and her team made this amazing troll sculpture out of reclaimed lumber, discarded cardboard, and papier mache.

Sayeth the Kim:

"The most important aspect of this sculpture is that it is truly interactive. The most common way that people interact with public art is by having their pictures taken in front of them. It is shocking how little of public art is intended for this basic purpose.

I wanted to create a sculpture whose composition was completed when someone was nearby. It should look at it’s best with the public involved."

Look how ingeniously they made it:

Packing tubes and lettuce boxes! Can you believe it?
It begs the question: If a group can make a sculpture so cool out of such simple and accessible materials... What else could one make?

Let's make a big giant thing and cruise around town in it.

I'll get sketching...

Here is Miss Grahams site.

Kim Graham, you and your team are an inspiration. For such a thorough display of such a useful technology, using readily accessible and often recycled materials, you definitely deserve the good person award.

Kim Graham, we salute you!


Maaja said...

amazing! yeah, bravo Kim Graham :)

thecloseters said...

that's one awesome looking troll :D