Thursday, December 18, 2008

SuperForester Jackson On Kauai (Updated)

Good Morning SuperForest!!

Yesterday was a very interesting day. I woke up in Manhattan amidst flurries and scurries of snow, and two plane hops later I went to sleep in the greenest, freshest paradise imaginable.

This morning I woke to the singing of birds, the hum of the Wainiha river in the distance... and that's it. No cars, no horns, no planes, just the sound of the tangelo juicer making fresh juice for all.

As her surprise Christmas present to the family, my wonderful mother worked her butt off and installed an organic garden in the yard. Plus, since we lightly quarreled about it last year, she's begun composting!

So, I've got to go and plant some seedlings and turn a compost heap over.
Such incredible abundance.

I will post more soon.

Love to each and everyone,



Seedlings planted, compost turned.

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spoon said...

I am officially jealous, Jackson.