Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SuperForest's Favorite Site of 2008: Arvind Gupta's Toys From Trash

"We have just one mission - to get the gleam back into a child's eyes.
We do not deal with curriculums here. We deal with ideas...
Showing possibilities with simple materials in our own lives."

-Arvind Gupta

Good Morning All!

SuperForester Harry just sent us word of the most incredible site!

Have you ever said to yourself: "I wish there was a website that showed kids how to make hundreds of amazing toys for free, out of common household materials, and that these toys would also educate any child that played with them about the scientific explanations behind the forces that govern our existence."

Arvind Gupta has created just such a website.

Musical instruments, physics experiments, more physics experiments, toys out of trash exclusively, science toys, easy electricity labs, origami, pumps, flying toys, DIY furniture... All of these and so much more.

Playing with toys is fun. Playing with toys and learning about the amazing forces that govern our universe is ever so much more fun.

You must, must, must go to arvindguptatoys.com

(Arvindguptatoys is going in our "lovely links" if you need to find it again.)

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Cliff Yankovich said...

Outstanding. People with minds and abilities like this amaze me.