Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Awesome Streetart

Today I came across two awesome pieces of street art that aren't related in anyway. I just wanted to share them with you. Here's number one.

It was found in Newcastle (that's in England folks) and it shows to people watering a rose. And that's it. Pieces like those raise certain questions in my head, such as: "What was there first? The flower, the people or the garden hoses?" It's a bit vague to see, but if you imagine that the hoses aren't there for a second the figures could be holding guns (especially the right one). And if that would be true this would be an excellent way to remove violence from a piece of graffiti.

Street art is awesome when it gets you thinking about it's origination. By the way, this piece was created (or altered) by the obscure street artist Mobster.

And here is number two, a phone box.

This one was created by Washington D.C. based Mark Jenkins. (Washington is indeed very far away from Newcastle).
I have a fascination for turning (almost) redundant objects into a piece of street art. A few months ago I shared another phone box where the phone was replaced by a paper cup, but that's another story.
Here the phone is replaced by an enormous aliminium-like phone. The message almost is: "I'm here too! Use me!" (Phone boxes aren't used anymore because everyone has his or her own cellphone, but you already knew that of course).

There you have it. Two nice pieces of street art to liven up your Tuesday.

(Thanks to wooster collective for the awesome pieces of art.)

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