Monday, December 15, 2008

Laptop Advertising

Here at SuperForest, we love to share the latest innovations and ideas with you, and university campuses tend to be the birthplace of a lot of sparkly new ideas. Just a few months ago, I was able to witness the birth of one. The sheer genius yet simplicity behind this idea took me by surprise. I took my seat in the lecture hall and as I was waiting for the professor, something caught my eye. Set as a student’s laptop wallpaper, in huge bold font I read…




Amazingly clever idea. Harness the nosy quality of those sitting behind you and use it to your benefit! If I was somehow able to read that message, then a good amount of my 150 other classmates must’ve been doing the same.

These days, there seem to be so many new and imaginative ways to advertise products, none that I have seen are as ingenious and non-invasive as this one. The best part about laptop advertising is that it can be used in so many different ways. It doesn’t have to be used to promote a certain product or a way to make some extra green. You could simply start out by putting up something that inspires you and sit back and watch as the laws of the universe magically attract people with similar interests toward you.



Laptop Advertising; give it a shot and let us know if you get any results. As for me, next time I need a DJ, I’ll know the perfect person to ask.


troubletravelsfast said...

I was thinking. Superforest likes streetart, right? They like looking at it. I'm sure other people do too. Maybe some non invasive street art a la SuperForest for super cool advertising?

jackson said...

That is beyond brilliant. The world is like a garden in springtime, with so many new ideas and technologies just poking their heads above the surface.

How exciting that we all get to experience it.

Fabulous post, Carla.

jackson said...

How long until cool kids get sponsored to keep certain content on their screens at all times?

And then, how long until school policy catches up and makes the 'topvertisers sit in the back row?

And then how long until the inevitable Supreme Court case of "'Topvertiser vs. School Board?

Oh man, this is so much fun.

jackson said...

I only just now noticed that apparently visiting the SuperForest url magically transforms your computer into a much better one!

You clever fox!

spoon said...

Wonderful post C!