Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Obama And The Unicorn

When I read Carla's post yesterday on Abe being the coolest president ever I just had to agree with her. A boombox in his era? Awesome! Or "Abe in Escape From LA": awrrsome!

For one second I started to wonder if Obama could exceed Lincoln's coolness. Fortunately enough the doubt was taken away in a few seconds when I saw this t-shirt.

Exactly. Obama and the Unicorn. I wonder if there will be a unicorn walking on the grass in front of the White House after the inaugration. Or would it get it's own stable? They would have to hire staff that worked solely for the unicorn. Too bad unicorns don't exist.

Anyway, as long as they exist in the mind of Christ Bishop, the bright designer behind the t-shirt we can buy cool garments. The shirts are available for both men and women through his website.

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