Sunday, December 28, 2008

DIY: Magic Rose Cube

In spirit of preparing to improve my SuperForest-ness in 2009, I decided to hand craft my mom’s birthday gifts this year. And a part of those gifts included one of these…

A Magic Rose Cube

Now I know what you’re thinking, “What’s so magical about it?” It’s a fair question, at a glance, this may look like an ordinary flower created out of paper but what makes this rose box special is the fact that it transforms!

Here are a couple videos that will help you make on of your own!

Gotta love that accent. Here are two friendly suggestions that will make your lives much easier if you decide to try this out.

1.) Make sure your folds and creases are perfect. I guess this is a given with any sort of origami art but for any beginners out there, it will definitely save you from possible problems.
2.) Don’t use construction paper like I did. The thick paper makes it difficult to fold toward the end.

And there you have it, a magical rose cube. Now, it took me a while and a whole lot of patience (being my first origami creation ever) but I was finally able to complete mine and if I can do it, you can definitely make one too.

(Here’s where you can find the videos and other how to guides that can kick start your own SuperForesty 2009)

Love to All,

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troubletravelsfast said...

Fun fact: I have been to two national origami conferences. One was in Pasadena at CalTech and the other in Pheonix. I've met the who's who of origami (most are humble!). But I admit, I'm only halfway decent. Maybe SuperForest could use origami lessons?!