Thursday, December 4, 2008

Awesome History! - 1998: Construction of the ISS Begins

Ten years ago, the space shuttle Endeavor left Earth carrying a crew of brave astronauts. Once in space, they joined a team of Russian cosmonauts and began construction of this little beauty:

We humans have advanced technologically to the point where we have a habitable extra-terrestrial object, a.k.a. an apartment in space.

And better yet, this magnificent engineering feat is being used as a symbol of international cooperation and advanced learning, and not as a weapons platform. The ISS is physical proof that learning and unity can triumph over fear and violence.

That's amazing!

Pat yourselves on the back, because you rule, humans.

Here's the ISS wiki!
Here's the ISS NASA site.

An interesting tidbit: The ISS is moving at 17,239.2 mph and orbits the Earth 15.7 times a day.


Hold your heads up high. We did this.

Love to All.

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