Monday, December 8, 2008

Balloony Tank

It isn't a piece of unconventional wisdom that war isn't nice. Neither are the guns and tanks driving it. You can make fun of war to a certain extent. Something that isn't done often enough (in my humble opinion). It seems that the artists behind the German art group Inges Idee agree with me.

Inges Idee is a German movement that advertise themselves with the motto: "Kunst im öffentlichen Raum," German for: "Art in open space". They can best be classified as organized street artists.
The above picture shows their "luftballon" (German for balloon) project. Which concludes building a tank out of bright, colorful, balloons! And look at the result, it's jolly, it's awesome.

Now you may think: "that's a tank, and tanks bring desperation". But there's more to explore. Ask yourself what a balloon actually consists of, it's probably 99% air and a tiny 1% 'balloon'. It's as if the artists are trying to say: "War is nothing, it's silly, it's dumb." They seem right, because what happens to balloons if you let them be for a few days?

They deflate! The Inges Idee men must have listened carefully to General Eisenhower when he said: "If stripped of all it's glory, war is nothing but hot air". Eisenhower is right, except I can't seem to find glory in war, but we'll leave that for now.

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iman said...

So awesome! What an interesting take on a tank. I wonder what they used to attach them all? Great post!