Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nature Mill Makes Indoor Composting Easy and Non-Stinky!

SuperForester Jesse just sent us word of this: the Nature Mill Indoor Composter.

If you haven't got the luxury of a yard, you put the Nature Mill in your kitchen, where it can turn up to 120 pounds of kitchen scraps a month into compost. That's super duper, y'all.


Can has for $299.oo plus S&H.

Luckily here in NY we have the farmer's market, where this wonderful lady stands and not only does she take food scraps, she sells worm compost and educates city dwellers about ways to better use their resources.

You rock, farmer's market compost lady.

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Jenn said...

She sure does rock! What a nice and truly selfless thing she is doing. Thanks for sharing info on the composter too. We live in a small apartment with no yard but we do grow some plants, this could come in very handy!