Monday, December 1, 2008

Seeds of Peace Summer Program

We just got an email from SuperForester Blair, who works with an amazing summer camp, Seeds of Peace.


I love reading your blog, and I thought that you might find a summer program that i did in 2007 interesting. It's an international camp in Maine that has teenagers from the U.S., Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, India, and Pakistan. We were placed in bunks, table groups, and dialogue groups that blended people from different sides of a conflict (either the Middle East of India and Pakistan). We had dialogue sessions for two hours almost every day and then played sports and did team building workshops. I found it to be an incredible experience, and it could certainly prove to help creating real peace in the Middle East. Applications for it are due sometime in January, and it is really only for teenagers, but it would be great to get the word out as the organization could use any contributions to the cause.


Blair Hunt"

Sweet! Camp plus conflict resolution.
Special thanks to Blair for the intel.

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