Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Underwater Sculptor - Jason de Caires Presents: Vissicitudes

"The materials and construction of the work are designed to encourage and promote marine life. The texture, chemical composition and design actively encourage the settlement of embryonic corals. Areas of shelter and void space provide a habitat for creatures to breed and take refuge.

As time passes and the settlement increases and series of natural events begins to enfold. Besides the development of hard and soft corals, numerous fish graze on algae that collects on the surfaces and I have documented octopus, shrimp and moray eels living under or within the structures."

Here's a longer interview with Jason from don'tpaniconline.

Here is Jason de Caires site.

And here are the Beatles singing Octopus's Garden.


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Carla said...

This post takes the word "stunning" to new heights.

jordan said...

Imagine snorkeling on vacation. Hey look at that beautiful Angel Fish. Over here electric green coral...


Would scare the living bejeesus out of me.

Jackson Nash said...

Underwater makeout sesh.