Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beautiful Stages

I was thinking today about my fear of public speaking.  I really don't like it, and being put on display on a stage is perhaps the most terrifying thing I can see myself facing.  (Of course there are more terrifying things, but I don't know any top secret CIA information, and I live in a place where people aren't going to hurt me because of something as insignificant as the shape of my nose.)

I go through life pretty afraid of being noticed by everyone all at once.  Why am I not equally afraid of never being noticed by anyone?  I have convinced myself  that sitting in the seats of a theater will give me a view that will enrich my life far more than the view from the stage itself.  My passive approach is a way to stay modest and inoffensive, but it is certainly not a way to get things done for the greater good.

So... to hopefully inspire others to embrace the stage and share their talents, I have found a few images of gorgeous stages to share with you, dearest SuperForesters!

And of course... an old stage... that just won't quit.


We're all ears!

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