Wednesday, December 10, 2008

EDAR (Everybody Deserves A Roof) - Outreach Shelter.

The Everybody Deserves A Roof (EDAR) project is giving rugged, waterproof, folding shelters out to homeless people in Los Angeles. EDAR developed these shelters at their own expense and are distributing the units free of charge.

"EDAR's are given free of charge to homeless individuals who are best able to benefit from their recycling and shelter capabilities. EDAR units also provide a sense of ownership and pride to those largely deprived of both. And as Peter Samuelson asks, "Well into the twenty-first century, if the best our advanced society can do for the hundreds of thousands of homeless human beings... men, women and children... who live among us is the cast-off box our refrigerator came in, what exactly does that say about us?"

-Martha Groves- L.A.Times

If you'd like to co-sponsor or fully sponsor the creation of an EDAR unit, here is a breakdown of what they are asking for:

Sponsor wheels: $50
Sponsor a frame: $75
Sponsor a mattress: $125
Sponsor a roof: $250
Sponsor one EDAR unit: $500
Sponsor ten EDAR units: $5,000
Sponsor twenty EDAR units: $10,000

"I've always believed society is defined by how we deal with our weakest links," he said. "The best of America is when we take care of the less fortunate."

"Why is the EDAR not regressive? Because it is not nearly as good as a shelter bed. There's no pretense it's as good as permanent or temporary brick-and-mortar housing. But it is infinitely better than a damp cardboard box."

-Peter Samuelson.
Inventor and head of the EDAR project.

Here is the EDAR site.
Here is a story about EDAR from the L.A. Times.

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