Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How To Milk Just About Anything.

Yayyy SuperForest!

SuperForester Serra and I were having a conversation the other day and the subject of milking came up. Which was interesting because it was the second time that week for me that milking various animals had entered into the conversational stream.

In Qatar, a doctor/scientist told me that the most digestible animal milk (besides mummy's) came from the horse of all creatures.

Then Serra informed me of the wealth of critter-milking videos on youtube...

Oh ho ho! Fun, thought I.

Here we go:

Milking a cow:

Milking a horse:

Milking a sheep:

Milking a camel:

Milking a goat:

Milking an elephant:

Milking a water buffalo:

At first I was giggling like a schoolgirl as one by one I found these videos. Now I'm just sort of thirsty.

Which mammal's milk is it strangest to drink after seeing these? I'd go with all of them.
I still love me a tall frosty glass of milk. Siempre, baby.

I hope this was both amusing and informative.



p.s. Massive thanks to SuperForester Serra and Dr. Sven Hammer for the inspiration, and to youtube for aggregating and cataloging everything we can think of filming.


tvieger said...

GEEZ! That was a ripe jersey cow in the goats milk vidie!

jackson said...

I'm glad you noticed.
ha ha ha!

troubletravelsfast said...


jaell said...

i really don't like milk at all. i find it repulsive.

i wish i could react differently to it.


jackson said...

What?! You mean all that tugging and yanking didn't do it for you?

It is pretty strange.