Sunday, December 7, 2008

NYC: SF Visits a Pop Up Wired Shop!

Good Morning SuperForesters,

If you happen to be in NYC and want to take a gander at one of the new Wired stores that are popping up in time for the holidays, I just stumbled onto one on 18th St. between 5th and 6th Ave.

Took a picky or two:

Sexy Surround Sound Pod

The WaterMill by Element Four

Various eco-swag,
(including a Derringer hybrid cycle and a Brunton SolarRoll!)

It's fun to look around, pick things up you've only seen online, see how things work.
I spend so much time with some products online, that to see them in person is strange somehow.

There's got to be a word for that... The awkwardness inherent in a real life interaction with someone or something you only know from the web... What should we call that?

Uhhhhhh. Let's think about it.

Thanks for your help,



carla said...

I was actually just thinking about that the other day. Seeing something with just your sense of sight is one thing but to see it in person is something completely different. It is kind of like having a ghost materialize before your very eyes, which yes, would feel quite strange.

Or maybe the ghost and the material object (or person) are two separate entities. The ghost represents that idealistic vision you have of that person or thing. You can't help it, but that ghost will always be present during that first encounter and that awkwardness is born of your comparison between the ghost and the object/person standing in front of you.

Do we want it to be a verb, adjective, or a noun? Maybe we should start there.

jackson said...

Adjective! Adjective!!!

Yeah yeah yeah!

iman said...

I'd say "transwebward". A mix of Transition,Web and Awkward. Because you're going BEYOND (trans-)your WEB relationship and infuse it with AWKWARD.

EX: My transwebward encounter with the shirt I had seen online revealed that it was far too loose fitting.
EX: My transwebward meeting with the Superforest team surprised me greatly.

iman said...

Oh! And as the only teenage girl on this team, I think i MUST mention that it sounds like "Edward" from the Twilight saga. haha.

spoon said...

I have one of those Arbor boards! Their stuff is great.

jackson said...

transwebward is good.

Has anyone played Second Life? In SL they refer to the real world as "meat space." Maybe something along the lines of "meat shock"?

That sounds awful.

But when something makes the leap from purely mental to physical it is definitely jarring. Mostly in a good way.

carla said...

I like transwebward. "Meat shock" is good too. lol I've never played Second Life but "meat shock" sounds like something a vegetarian would experience.

And yes, I agree, hopefully all of our transwebward experiences will be full of joy and excitement! :D

carla said...

or instead of meat shock, it could be "meet" shock...a play on words and at the same time, you are meeting (or meating) that object/person for the first time so it kind of works.

jackson said...

meet shock is brilliant and you are brilliant.

Meet shock.