Sunday, December 7, 2008

SuperForester Jason Mraz presents: Alone with Everyone

Hello everyone!
I hope this message finds you all happy and loving, because there is ALWAYS something to be happy about and there is ALWAYS something to love. Its just our job to find it! Today Jason Mraz posted something on his wonderful blog and I feel it needs to be shared:

Another cross-continental flight: Two eyes in the sky. I’m going home for 2 nights. Reflecting on the year I count at least 200 different places where I made a bed in 2008. I am overjoyed as much as I am distracted by the demand. Still, it’s a beautiful world full with all kinds of loving people, some I get to speak with and many that I don’t. I am sorry to those I miss by a few seconds, however, in our oneness, by our swimming in the same primordial soup, made up of the same stuff, if I’m in your thoughts then I’m closer than I’ll ever be.

My mind plays tricks on me from time to time and makes me wish I had someone to share these sky high views and career triumphs; someone other than the band & crew, someone to hold my hand and say I love you. My heart knows exactly who that person is and I think of her while gazing out the airplane window. And just like that, she is there with me. I can feel her love even without her being there and even without her knowing it. It is a feeling I create.

We choose love. We choose anger. We choose happiness. We choose boredom.

You pick and choose based on the rush you give your body when it experiences a certain emotion. Some people, or the lack of some people, help you to trigger these emotions. So if you want Joy, all you have to do is trigger it yourself.

After a layover in Los Angeles, I pick up a commuter flight to San Diego. The plane never gets too high to lose details about my familiar coast. I use my fingernail on the window to follows the roads and trace the route home. It takes about 15 minutes for the plane to fly over my community and I can see where I’ll be surfing as soon as I get off the tarmac. The sun will take a bow and the water will settle to mirror quality stillness. I’ll hitch a ride on the dark side of a wave and feel solace, connected with the entire planet, alone with everyone, grateful that I have my health, my heart, and my awareness.

If you’re interested in developing your own awareness skills in time for the generous holidays, start by turning off your TV. You will never be alone to hear your inner voice if the TV is constantly talking to you, teasing, or tempting you.

Then, try writing in a journal when you wake up. Spend 5 – 10 minutes writing any and everything; dreams, goals, frustrations, even write about not knowing what to write if you have to. Then, turn the page. Don’t read it and immediately judge yourself because most of that journal is meant for getting the garbage out. After a few days you’ll feel your thoughts are becoming nicely sorted as your dreams find order again, becoming reachable and practical, AND you’ll be leading with your heart instead of an insecure mind. I guarantee it.

For further practice, try waking up with the 5 Tibetan Rites, or any of the thousand available Yoga and meditation methods. These teach patience and peace as well as allow your inner voice to sing! Or for the more energetic, go for a run or a ride. You make it as hard or soft as you want. It’s your day. It’s your experience. How will you remember it?

In Joy,
- at home

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Great posting Imani.