Tuesday, October 14, 2008

30 Reasons

Friends, if like us, you are sweating the news, watching the debates (both real and SNL) and chewing off all your nails in anticipation of Election Day... here's a countdown to keep you cool:
Our man, SuperForester Jesse has helped create the website 30reasons.org, where graphic artists from around the country are up to some creative canvasing... literally and graphically speaking.

Every day counting down to Election Day,  a new, original poster goes up on the 30 reasons website. It's like the 12 days to christmas only better because it's 21 days left to CHANGE!

Because news is supposed to be objective I warn you now this campaign is (as their website states): "30 graphic designers present 30 reasons to vote for Obama".   Because I couldn't find an equivalent McCain graphic design campaign (and because I'm completely subjective), it's obama posters or bust.  

Check out 30reasons daily, and get out and vote!

-always merry and bright,


jackson said...

Which SuperForester Jesse?
They are so hard to keep track of.



jordan said...

SuperForester Jesse Arneson from Hawaii! You know, that one you don't know but now do from his really cool website. That Jesse!