Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fast, Fast Culture

The third and final Presidential debate end not even an hour ago and these are already up for sale.

From thought to marketable product in less than an hour. Unreal.


carla said...

That's unbelievable!

jackson said...

Yeah, wicked fast, no?

I didn't know that the "Joe the Plumber" meme had been running for a few days, but still, there's no reason why one couldn't make a t-shirt template and then just wait by the TV for a nice soundbite, type it up, and upload the image to cafepress or something like that.

So the "idea to product in less than an hour" thing still stands.


carla said...

Crazy fast, I hadn't heard of famous Joe before but it is hilarious how the media(and much of the American public) can get so caught up on little things like Joe the Plumber and turn them into celebrities overnight. "Forget the economy, I want to know more about Joe, I hear he's bald." :)Politics are a craaazy business. And because of people like Joe the Plumber, t-shirt makers out there are making green.