Friday, October 10, 2008

Vincent Laforet: Divers

Vincent Laforet is a photographer who recently worked the Beijing Olympics, and this amazing photo set is a result (among many.)

"By the time many of your are reading this post, I will be on my way to the airport to catch my flight back to New York City. The Beijing Olympics will have concluded and thousands of others will be making their way home—some with gold medals, some with memorable images and stories, others with bruised egos and many with goals of practicing for the next four years in order to shave an extra few hundredths of a second off their performances in time for the London games in 2012. I for one couldn’t be happier."

-Vincent Laforet

Incroyable Vincent!
Check out Vincent's site.

(saw it first via the magic of swissmiss, who is the best and nicest, and when she coughs, little puffs of cotton candy come out.)

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