Thursday, October 23, 2008

Frog Design's 30 Year Light Bulb

"We realized the easiest way to create acceptance was to deliver the technology in an already widely accepted form. The form of a standard light bulb was then the obvious choice. It would not ask consumers to change their form of power, their light socket or replace the lampshade attached to the bulb. And it underscored the notion that good design is about solving problems for the whole ecosystem of the product.

In the end, we arrived at a concept that offers better energy efficiency than CFLs without the toxic mercury, provides a desirable light quality and dimming capability, and fits into the socket connection of the incandescent—all in a package that will last 30 years."

-Frog Design

Now, normally I'm not into concept art, but this design is a real winner. I would love to put these in every fixture in my apartment.

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