Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Goods for Good!

Goods for Good is an amazing organization that was started by an old friend of mine, Melissa Kushner. She is doing a remarkable job doing something we all wish we had the stamina and determination to accomplish.  

She approaches corporate companies to see what excess materials they have (anything from clothes, pens, paper etc.) and ships them to Malawi and Liberia,where she works with local groups to distribute these materials to kids who need them. It seems like a perfect plan: We have tons and tons of extra stuff, let's see you needs it! The ultimate in recycling! 

SuperForester Damani, just went to Malawi to document the progress Melissa and her team have been making. 

Here's the unbelievably beautiful video:
"Goods for Good turns excess into progress. Our slogan is straightforward because our mission is straightforward. We collect surplus goods for targeted distribution to vulnerable children in Africa.

Through partnerships with companies in the United States and local organizations in Africa, we are able to provide much needed school supplies, clothing and health and hygiene products to orphans and vulnerable children, while at the same time reducing waste at home.

We rely on donations of surplus goods from a wide range of companies. Our volunteers help to sort the items and our donors fund the shipment. In Africa, we build on the success of local schools and community centers by supplying them with the tools they need to care for and educate children.

Many of the items we ship to children were gathering dust in warehouses or were slated to be destroyed. On the other side of the world, these same products have an immeasurable worth to disadvantaged children. Together with our international and local partners, we work to develop sustainable care for Africa's youth."

If you can offer any help, please do! 

Absolutely inspiring and remarkable!


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jackson said...

I've seen this video several times and still get choked up.

Yay, Goods for Good!