Monday, October 27, 2008

My Sad Ignorance of Islam

Good Morning SuperForest!

Jackson here.
I have a confession to make. I am sadly lacking in knowledge and experience about one of Earth's major religions: Islam.

I know what I was taught in school: the eight pillars of Islam (or is it five?) The role of the Prophet Mohammad (or is it Muhammad?) but there my experience ends.

I have never been to a mosque, never recited a verse of the Koran in Arabic, never really tasted Islam.

I am wonderfully curious! I want to know more.

Is there anyone in the New York area who would be willing to act as a guide? Some one willing to invite me along to experience Islam?

I would be forever grateful. I pledge to bring my best manners, a most open mind, and a heart unclouded. If anyone out there would be willing to help, please email me:


I had a thought the other day: I will live a finite time. I want to experience as much as I can.

Thanks for your help!




carla said...

Hey Jackson, I'm not saying I'm an expert when it comes to Islam but I grew up in a family where my mom is Catholic and my dad is muslim so I can't help you as far as being a "guide" around NY but I could answer some questions if you ever have any. Just e-mail them to me. And if it makes you feel better, just by reading what you wrote, I can tell you know a lot more about Islam than a lot of people out there.

Peace Brother,

Mimi said...

Hey Jackson, I'm a Muslim :). I'm not a very religious one, but I do know the basics and I can pretty much read the Qur'an too, with the help of translations on the side though :P
There are 5 pillars of Islam btw, and the Prophet's name is often spelled as Muhammad. Other people might spell it differently, but they both should be pronounced the same.

There are a lot of other rules and things you should or shouldn't do, let me know if want to know more.

-Mimi x

jackson said...

Mimi and Carla,

Yes, please!
What I'd really love is to visit a mosque, meet some people, have dinner, talk, just generally get an informal slice of the pie.

Do either of you know of anyone in the NY area who could act as unofficial guide?

Thank you for your help and the corrections. I have now learned the 5 pillars and think that they are wonderful.