Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Public Transportaroni

The city I live in has proposed a Street Railway System or (Cable Car or Trolley Car) to beef up our local public transportation.


Go city!

What a glorious idea! Cable Cars are energy efficient AND energy effective. They can connect with tracks from bigger main line trains and take you into the city from out-lying airports or train stations. They don't rely on fossil fuel and emit VERY little if NO CO2. With more points of entry and exit, getting on and off is much quicker and easier. They hold a wonderful sense of history and whimsy. You can easily add cars for high usage months. Since no extra platform structures, high rails, highways or roads are needed to run the system there is very little new building that needs to be done. And the city itself will essentially "own the system". So a pass paid for to ride the city rail cars goes back to the city.


So if you have a Cable Car in the place where YOU live, don't you think that
DING!-DING! is calling your name?!

Neighborhood of make real, please Mr. Trolley~



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