Thursday, October 9, 2008

Euro River Surfing!

Dudes, grab your boards! The surf's up down at the Eisbach River?

This just came in from SuperForester Mark:

"Things you don’t expect to see when walking around Munich. At least I didn’t - mildly hung over yesterday from Oktoberfest-ivities the day before. We saw all these people standing around, hovered over a bridge - and we came across people, surfing a river.

"The Eisbach", or “Ice Creek,” a tributary of the Isar River, starts where two underground canals in Munich meet and emerge under the 19th-century Prinzregentenstrasse bridge, next to the city’s modern-art museum.

In the 1970s, civic engineers laid three rows of concrete blocks along the canal bottom to weaken the flow of water surging up from underground. The shape of the bottom along with wooden boards wedged into the canal by local surfers creates a fast but surfable standing wave that has become the most popular “river-surfing” spot in Europe."

From the Atlantic: a sweet article on Munich's Malibu.
And a delicious Munich surfing slideshow.

Looks like tremendous fun! Big huge giant thanks to SuperForester Mark for the heads up.

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