Friday, October 31, 2008

SuperForest Comics: Chairs.

In the wake of the Peace Alphabet exercise, I developed a real hankering for drawing, so I'm going to post little t'ings and bits and bobs here and there.

(And no, I am totally not procrastinating from doing something I should be!)




Laurie Ann said...

He is the happiest little square ever.

troubletravelsfast said...

hey jackson, where'd you learn to draw?

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Brilliant idea - I agree he looks so happy..:)

jackson said...


I've been drawing all my life, so I didn't really learn in any one place.

If you're asking how I learned to draw, well, I just draw. Lots and lots.

There is one person who I'd like to thank for really inspiring me to take drawing seriously and to work harder at it, and that is the remarkable miss Christine Norrie.

Christine is an artist working here in NYC, and I'm lucky enough to call her my friend.

Check out her site:

We're all in the midst of Obama fever, and her site reflects that, but with a little digging, you can find her original art, and it is well worth the search.

Thanks for your question.


troubletravelsfast said...


Did you absolutely have no talent like I do when you first started?

jackson said...


I wanna see something you've drawn!

"Talent" is so subjective.
The artists whose work I enjoy the most are usually the simplest: Basquiat, Shel Silverstein, Francis Bacon, Picasso, Egon Shiele.

All of these great artists used very simple techniques, and most at one time or another were thought of as crap. Well, maybe not Picasso.

I am going to do an instructional video that outlines how I did the Peace Alphabet series, so you can see how simple it can be to create.

Remember, there is no good or bad, either you're expressing what is inside you that needs to come out, or you are keeping it bottled up inside.

Since you are not a human winery, I recommend drawing your heart out.



jackson said...


Why not throw something you've done up on your blog?

I'd love to see anything.


troubletravelsfast said...


Honestly, I have no skill with a pencil or paints. I just got a set of watercolors and some brushes yesterday, and I was just wondering how well you started out. I'm less self critical than I am curious. I can't really draw at all.

jackson said...


Awesome! I can't wait to see what you do with the watercolors.
If you need any help or guidance, or anything at all, just ask.



Christine Norrie said...

Whoah, I came to post about how cute square in a chair is and see that there's a serious art discussion going on!

To troubletravelsfast: Everthing Jackson says is right on. You just have to jump in and draw. Anything, everything! You can start simple, complex, whatever, so long as you jump in. Be prepared to make lots of mistakes and know it's all right.

For me, I like to FEEL my art. That sounds obnoxious, but I really do need to feel an emotional direction in what i am drawing in order to give it the proper energy.

For technical "correctness", I drawing from life. I try to sketch once a week (wish I could every day!) things like my daughter, my apartment, and if I am lucky, I go to a figure drawing studio.

Everyone says: practice makes perfect. Which, is true, the more you do, the more you CAN do. But, imperfection is just as lovely as perfection in my opinion.

To jackson: oh, do please go on!