Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Teach Your Dog to Brush His Teeth.

Good Afternoon SuperForest!
This here is the SuperForest Mascot - Baloo the Terrible.

Terrible breath that is! As you can well imagine, he doesn't like it when I try to brush his teeth.
So I decided to stop fighting him and just let him brush his own teeth, and this has worked marvelously.

Here's how:

I've got me a Radius toothbrush, which I absolutely adore. The handle is made of corn plastic and recycled wood, and since the heads are replaceable, it wastes less than one fifth as much material as a conventional toothbrush when I swap it for a new one.

Which I did the other day, and looking at the old head, I had an epiphany!

I put a drop of maple syrup on the brush. Not a lot, just a drop. Now sugar is bad for dogs, but I'm not letting him eat sugar, I'm just sweetening the toothbrushing process. (Besides, If you'd seen some of the things he's eaten off of the streets of Manhattan, you'd know that maple syrup is the least of his worries.)

So, a drop of maple syrup (real maple syrup!) and a toothbrush and a sunbeam make for a happy chihuahua. Looky:

I just held onto the brush and he chewed it good and proper! First the lowers, then the uppers. He even let me give his front teeth a quick once over.

In short, it was both the most pleasant and most effective tooth-cleaning session Baloo and I have ever had. And all it took was a bit of maple syrup, an old toothbrush head, and a total philosophical makeover for myself. No more fighting for me and the rat! From now on we work together.

Happy dog.

His breath smelt MUCH better btw. Much much.

Just thought I'd share.

Love to All,



tvieger said...

YES! That's awesome! Jackson, does Baloo ever brush YOUR teeth?!

I would LOVE to see that~


Radius Genie said...

I must say that your doggy is too cute...and this post is too funny!!

I see you have there our SOURCE toothbrush made here in the USA in a small town in Pennsylvania at RADIUS Toothbrush!

The SOURCE's handle is 100% recycled wood and soda bottles.

The handle makes up 93% of total product and that replaceable brush head is only 7% of the product.

That way you only have to waste/recycle 7% of product rather than 100%. And can you beat that ergonomically designed handle that is comfortable for right handed users and can be flipped for the comfort of left handed users as well!

Where can you find a more eco-friendly product?