Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pastel Toys!

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick little heads up on these amazing toys.

We were given this cute truck as a present and I was surprised I had never heard about this company before.

"Pastel Toys are "special toys made by special people". Kishorit is a kibbutz-like, non-denominational, non-profit community location in Western Galilee, where 120 developmentally disabled adults work and live in a friendly and supportive village, growing organic vegetables and creating high quality collectible toys. There is a feeling of nostalgia when playing with these simple toys made from all natural materials that meet the quality and safety standards of the Israeli Standard Institute. The pastel colors made with lead-free, water-based paints create a calm and relaxed mood where a child's imagination can flourish. Converted from blocks of wood by hand, all of the Pastel Toys have moving wheels."

Now this is a company to support. This is amazing Environmentalism.

All these toys can be purchased at Wild Dill. Another great resource for kid goodies.

Have a great day!

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