Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eric Hirshberg: Republicans for Obama.

"I started asking around and found a number of my liberal friends were having a similar experience. So we asked these folks if they would appear on camera and share with the world why they changed. It seemed to me that the most convincing argument a conservative on the fence could hear might not come from a liberal, or even from Obama himself, but instead, from one of their own; a conservative who had crossed over. So we turned on the camera, and they did the rest."

-Eric Hirshberg on huffpo
This is pretty extraordinary:

Brought to you by Conservatives for

Wow. When politics and morality jump tracks!
Here's the original huffpo article.

What do y'all think about this?

Thank you, Eric, for this remarkable document!



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carla said...

Very amazing indeed. I think having an open mind truly is the only way to have a REAL democracy and that video was great. It was great to see people speaking their mind without having their words filtered through the media. That's pretty powerful stuff and I hope to see more of it.