Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sedaris and His Stadium Pal

Whenever I'm in need of a good laugh I know I can always turn to David Sedaris for a good read. This morning, however, I got to work and thought "Dang. None of my Sedaris books are here... and boy oh boy... that road rage I suffered on my Panasonic bicycle sure put me in a sour mood."

Well, if you ever feel this way, kiddies, you can turn to the wonderful YouTube for a clip (see below) of David Sedaris reading his essay about the Stadium Pal.

The Stadium Pal is... well... I'll let him explain it to you. So funny!

And for you ladies... Check out the Stadium Gal!

1 comment:

jackson said...

Sooo funny!
Thanks for putting that up, J. I nearly burst my "blogging Pal" laughing.