Thursday, October 23, 2008

Painting for Congo!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I just received this unbelievable email from my dear friend and amazing artist, Sara Woster:

"I am writing you to ask for your help in a fundraiser I am doing to raise money for the women of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The war in Congo is the deadliest since World War II. Over 5.4 million people have already died and almost half of those are under the age of 5.

This month the fighting has been escalating, which has caused an escalation in the violence and the attacks on the women and girls of Congo. They have been gang raped, tortured and forced to watch their husbands and children being murdered in front of them.

Anderson Cooper did a powerful story on 60 Minutes that is hard to watch but may inspire you to do something.

You can read more about the facts here:

Women for Women International has held a fundraiser for the past few years called Run for Congo. I cannot and will not Run for Congo, but I can Paint for Congo.

From now until the end of November in exchange for a small donation of $27 you can receive from me an 8 x 11 original painting on paper that will make the perfect holiday gift for somebody you either love, or are obligated to buy something for. You provide the subject matter or a photo of somebody or something near and dear to your heart and you will receive a lovely, original painting from me. Go to Target, get yourself a frame, and you have given somebody a thoughtful gift while helping to save the world.

I uploaded some samples of my illustrations on Flickr for anybody who may not be familiar.

$27 is the amount that it costs for Women for Women International to support and educate a woman in Congo for one month. You can always round up to $30 or, if you are still rich after last week, round up to $100. My goal is to paint at least 100 paintings between now and Christmas but I would love to do many more so please forward this email on to anybody you know who might like to help the women of Congo while crossing a name off of their holiday gift list. If I receive your request before December 1st I can guarantee that you will receive your painting before December 15th. But the earlier you get me a check and your painting specifics, the more quickly the money will get to the people of Congo and the less panic I will have to go through in mid-December.

I'm sure that you have somebody who would like a painting of something:

Your dad might like a painting of your mother.
Your mother might like a painting of her dog.
Your boy dog might like a painting of a girl dog.
Your boyfriend might like a painting of his favorite Led Zepplin album.
Your grandma might like a painting of Liberace.
And if you haven't heard, everybody loves Obama.

You can either donate on line and then email me a digital image.

Or you can mail me a photo of something/someone you would like me to paint and a check written out to "Women for Women International" with "Run for Congo Women" in the memo line.

If you prefer, The International Rescue Committee is also doing great things to help the people of Congo.

Thank you, Sara"

I personally own a few of her paintings! She is amazingly talented and this is an unbelievable opportunity to own a gorgeous (and personalized!!) painting, while doing something to help put an end to a devastating tragedy.

If you have the means, support this cause!

You can also email Sara directly for any further information at



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