Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dean Kamen is My Hero

Dean Kamen has invented two machines.
The first machine filters any source of moisture and transforms it into clean drinking water. How clean? Clean enough to inject into your arm.

The second machine is a generator that runs on any heat source. Packing it in cow dung generates enough heat to give 2 kilowatts a day. This machine powers the first machine.

Working together, one machine feeding the other, and one machine giving water to a hundred people a day, you'd need 8 million of them to give clean, carbon free energy to 800 million African men, women, and children.

If these two machines were mass produced, like a toaster, or a washing machine, they would cost a few thousand bucks a pop.

So to give clean drinking water and electricity to 800 million African men, women, and children would cost 16 billion dollars.

I'll let Dean explain.

This man is amazing to me. He could be making money any great number of ways, and he's using his powerful intellect and team of scientists and engineers to work towards not only solving the world's major problems, but also to improving life for everyone. Now, in addition to his water-filtration machine and generator, he's also invented a gyroscopic wheelchair and the worlds most sophisticated robotic limb.

The impact that this man is having on our lives will not be truly understood for many years to come.

Go Dean, go.

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