Thursday, October 30, 2008

Transportation Tip 1: Right Turn Theory

Here at SuperForest, we promote and encourage the use of bicycles, walking, and other environgentile forms of transportation. But when you do have to drive to get around, here is a transportation tip that will be easier on mother earth and your wallet.

In 2004, UPS unveiled what they called the Right Turn Theory. This theory basically takes into account the fact that if one makes more right turns in their commute, they spend less idle time stuck at a red light and eventually saves fuel and money. A fairly simple idea, if you make more right turns, you spend less time waiting in a long line of cars or stuck at a traffic light. But now the real questions, does it work? Is UPS really experiencing any differences by simply switching up their routes?

The differences were noticed right away. Four months after adopting this theory in New York City alone, UPS reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 1000 metric tons and since 2004, UPS has saved around $600 million dollars a year. That’s right, Brown went Green. Now imagine what a difference this could make if all of us drivers did this?

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spoon said...

I knew someone who worked at UPS as a
"route planner" of sorts, and this is very true.

Great post Carla!

carla said...

No kidding! Well I think its a genius plan. If you ever see your UPS friend, give him/her a high five for me.