Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

Good Morning SuperForest!

It being Columbus Day, we are sadly unable to go into the SF office as the building is closed.
So, I'm at home listening to Ken Boothe records and drinking some strong black coffee.

Listen at home with me!

First, brew up some coffee, (or whatever quaff you prefer,) and then give these tracks a listen:

Ken Boothe
is incredible. I just heard about him recently through Pandora. His song "Tomorrow" came on while I was at work and it was so mind-blowingly sweet that I had to buy the vinyl version. Then I had to buy a record player so I could listen to it.

Now I've got a little tiny collection of Reggae albums that make me so happy and set me ol' mind at ease.

I've got:

Peter Tosh - Equal Rights and Wanted Dread &Alive
Ken Boothe - A Man and His Hits
Desmond Dekker - 16 Greatest Hits

And that's it. So when I say little tiny collection, I mean four. I'd love to get some more Peter Tosh, some Prince Buster, some Jolly Boys. I think I'd like to have only Reggae in my collection. Okay, only Reggae and "Let It Be... Naked" (which, IMHO, must be listened to on vinyl to be truly appreciated.)

I've never had a record player before, so the intense pleasure of coming home after work, taking off my jacket and shoes, and walking over and putting on an album is new to me. The very physical-ness of listening to an album is quite reassuring, for reasons I cannot entirely name.

So, I'm home, drinking coffee, listening to Reggae. Columbus Day good!

I think the dog is depressed. I must take him for a nice long walk.

Love to you fine people wherever and however you are.



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