Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Press

Want to make an individual difference in the world, or... at the very least garner your cause national attention? Apparently it ain't that hard.

All you need to do is get together 5 friends, 5 bikes, and 5 bright green shirts and then do something other people might find radical. Like biking around in freezing weather

(can't embed this video, so follow the link to watch, it's only 30 seconds):

"Cyclists Stop in Utica Promoting Climate Change"

That doesn't look so bad. They hardly even seem cold. We could totally rock that!
What do you say, Team SuperForest polar bear swim the East River to promote well... polar bears as an endagered species? Pollution of our water systems? Anything? Jackson's already got his speedos out. Who's with him?

(Thanks to drudgereport and WKTV for the news scoops, and seattlepi for the pic!)

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