Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Voice

If you don't yet know, today is Blog Action Day's 2008 campaign to raise awareness about, and inspire action towards helping solve POVERTY.  It's an impressive international initiative with over 11,500 websites and writers participating worldwide, all focused on one collective theme.

Thinking about what I might contribute as I browsed the hundreds of posts on, I found myself feeling, well... slightly overwhelmed.  It's the same feeling I had when, as an aspiring writer, I signed up to work in a library.  Nothing is more humbling and daunting than placing your own small voice next to rows upon rows of the masters who have come before.

Pushing my cart through fields of books stacked ceiling high, I would find myself wondering what did I have to offer? What difference in the history of the world could my little voice make?

I never found an answer to that question. I still haven't... and I'm writing every day.  Because what I did find was the answer to a more important question: 

Not what difference can my one voice make in the world if I express it, but what difference can it make if I don't?

Poverty is a huge issue.  A global issue.  And we can choose to be overwhelmed by it, or we can choose to help.   To do something.  Raise our voices.  Act!   It's so easy and it's the hardest thing.

Because how many of us ever really give ourselves to a cause?  How many people commit their lives to an idea or ideal?  How much difference do we make in the world, each and every day?
One voice matters.  Your voice matters.  Do more.  

Not sure how?  Read here Peter Singer's famous call to charity: "The Singer Solution".
Or this list of 88 ways to end poverty now.  Read it, pick one, do it today!

With love,
-Jordan and Team SuperForest


carla said...

Beautiful Jordan. At times you may feel you have a little voice but you'll be amazed at how far that voice can travel.

Just a few years ago, at the 2004 Democratic Convention, a young up and coming politician gave a moving speech that stirred audiences. He was a little fish in a big pond but his words moved many. Today, he is participating in his third presidential debate and is on the path to becoming our next president.

Keep writing, we will all keep reading.


niki said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome.