Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SuperForester Iman Presents: Build - The Little Rice Sack That Could!

Wow! Would you like to know how to to turn one of these:

Into one of these?

Here's the newest member of Team SuperForest, SF'er Iman, to teach you how!
Take it, Iman:

Hello SuperForest,

Iman here once again!

Coming at you straight from San Diego where I have just completed my second post, hopefully the second of many to come. Once more let me thank you! You beautiful reader, for this world (and blog) would not be the same without you. I hope you find the message of this post as handy as I have.

First, get an empty rice sack...

Cut it like this.

Then, sew up the side, like this...

Flip the top over to make a lip and sew it like this.

It should look like this.

Another strip of rice sack, bent over...

And sewn shut...

Sew this handle onto the top lip, flip the whole works inside out, and there you have it:

The Little Rice Sack That Could!


(Amazing Iman. Such a helpful post!)


carla said...

Welcome to the team Iman...officially.

niki said...

Great post! I love the step-by-step pics! Thanks!

spoon said...

Welcome Iman!

Soksang said...

Yo Iman! The little rice sack is pretty cool. Thanks!