Friday, October 17, 2008

The Peace Alphabet

Good Morning SuperForest!

And what a fine morning it is. I just want to begin by saying "Thank you" for reading this blog, commenting on our posts, and especially for encouraging Team SuperForest.

Okay, the Peace Alphabet...

This project began several months ago when I wrote a post about the lack of cool iconography to communicate Peace. Peace has the Peace Symbol, the dove, and..... that's about it. Right about that time I saw this:

I Met the Walrus.

In this amazing short film, John Lennon speaks about how everything you do should be done for Peace. Smile for Peace, kiss for Peace, go to school for Peace, don't go to school for Peace, piss for Peace...

That last one really stuck with me. Piss for Peace. I love that idea.
Wanting only to make some folks and myself laugh, I quickly drew up what would become the first letter:

P is for Peace.

"P" lead to "A", which lead to "B", and so on...
I drew them out of order, doing whatever letter I felt inspired to do at the time.

For me, this project has very little to do with the creation of the 26 images, and everything to do with the spread of the idea that Peace is a brand, and as a brand, needs attention, nurturing and support in order to succeed.

The Peace Alphabet idea is a very good one (IMHO) as it gives anyone willing to undertake their own version twenty six chances to get one thing right. Even if I fail 25 times, perhaps that 26th image might just be one that sticks. 26 chances means you can fail a great deal while conversely increasing your chances of succeeding.

The Peace Alphabet idea also put SF and myself in a new position, as now that the series is completed, we have for the first time created a product. A product that we would be proud to offer to the world, in whatever form the world wanted it in.

If you would like a poster with every letter on it, I'd love for you to have it.
If you'd like a book, ditto. A print, ditto. Whatever form you desire, we'd like to offer you.

So, we SuperForesters have been discussing how exactly we can make the move from producing ideas to producing "things" in as clean and responsible a way as is possible.

For the future, we plan on creating a site for the PA exclusively, a nice little cyber-home for it online, to develop as it will. What really excites me is the idea of other artists and makers doing their own versions of it. Hopefully, like a tomato plant, the Peace Alphabet will grow and produce fruit and spread, and in the end we will have a deluge of clever new images to represent Peace. Images that everyone can experience and use via the magic connecting power of the inter-cyber-web.

I'd would love some feedback, any feedback, positive or negative on the execution of the idea, the idea itself, and what we could best be doing to spread the "Brand Peace" meme.

Without further ado, the Peace Alphabet:

There you have them. 26 new images for Peace, for your consideration.

I would like to dedicate this to Andrew Zuckerman, whose support of me, SuperForest and the Peace Alphabet have been unflagging.

To Christine Norrie, who taught me to draw in the first place, and who gave me the confidence to start making my own images.

To Team SuperForest, who keep a brother sane and inspired.

And to John Winston Ono Lennon, for the idea of advertising Peace in this way.

Maximum love and respect to All,


carla said...

I have to admit, I was blown away when I saw the final peace alphabet product. Something about seeing them all lined up one after another evokes such an aura of positivity and optimism that I cannot put into words. As far as spreading the peace brand to a global scale, its own website is a great idea. Personally, I've been spreading the knowledge simply through word of mouth. The artwork provides breathtaking wallpapers for computer backgrounds and as a result of sitting in front of a lecture hall with 300 wandering eyes sitting behind me, I've gotten a lot of questions. :)

This is beautiful stuff that the universe needs a nice big dose of. T-shirts, Billboards, let's go BIG.


Barryholiday said...

Amazing!! Yes...make a poster! Make stickers! Make a line of 26 t-shirts!

Really awesome Jack. Your talent is boundless...

spoon said...

Wow. Breathtaking. Speechless.

Those three words sum up my thoughts on this project.

Watching the images unravel these past couple of months have been great. It was a treat to see them appear out of order and an even bigger treat to see them all lined up in a row. Brilliant work Jackson.

And I would love me some posters! And books! And t-shirts!

Happy happy Friday.

-spoonie luv

Annie said...

Jackson, I really hope you are going to turn this into a scroll of a poster that people, like me, can purchase and post along our walls. It's AMAZING! touching, actually.

HUFF THIS! said...

we heart you jackson.
ur drawings r sic!
and ur peace is BIG

Jasonmrazfanluv said...

Hello i Just love your blog and i saw that you made it to the favorite jason mraz blog i can see why it is great!
Keep up the good work!

Jenn said...

Rockin! This came out so amazing and I'm glad to be able to get back on to see it completed, following along for a while then being shunned because of a pc malfunction was a total bummer but now all better. Can not wait to keep up on how you will be creating & marketing products, take it worldwide baby!

Sara Grady said...

What a wonderful project. I think you should publish it as a children's book!

jesse said...

JACKSON!!!! those are sOOOOOOO wonderful...
full of wonder... and beautiful... full of beauty... and peaceful... full of peace!!!

I love you... you're amazing... those images are amazing... i want to see
(or .org... whatevs...)


Mimi said...

I love the final peace alphabet! Yea, it would be awesome if there were shirts like that. I'd tell my friends to wear it and we'll parade through the city in peace :P