Friday, October 24, 2008

The Trickle Up Effect

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I was talking the other day with the ever-amazing SuperForester Damani, (he of the Good's for Goods Campaign.) We were discussing Dean Kamen's two new inventions.

Specifically, we were discussing how many folks in the US would happily cut their energy usage to live more sustainably, and how these machines will, in addition to stabilizing the quality of life for many African men, women, and children, it will also allow many of us "First Worlders" (shudder..) to live a life untethered to a power bill, or a water bill, or any sort of grid whatsoever.

Simply put, a victory for one group of humanity now translates into a victory for all of humanity. If we work together, and convince the powers that be to mass produce Mr. Kamen's devices, then we can all get the chance to benefit from them.

This year, the One Laptop Per Child Project will release version two of their laptop. Last year, they had a great deal, where every laptop bought in the US meant that a matching laptop would go to a needy child. This year I believe they're doing the same.

Apply that thinking to the distribution of the Freedom Two (as I will now be calling the pair in absence of a formal name from DEKA.) I buy a pair, a village in Africa gets a pair. One purchase frees two hundred people from the grid. Drinking water for a hundred on their end, and the same for me and my peeps. Bargain.

That really excites me, as the will to get behind the Freedom Two is clearly evident in the success of micro-loan sites like Kiva.

The time is right for a great reorganizing of priorities and vision, and this product, idea, movement, is a clear indicator of the growing social will to help others, and in turn, help themselves.

Exciting times, y'all!


Have a great day, and a wonderful and safe weekend.


SuperForester Jackson

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