Thursday, October 9, 2008

SuperForester Iman Presents: Hello! My Name is Peace.

Howdy all!

Iman here.

First off, I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to SuperForest's collective genius. A blog radiating with such positive vibes is something the world needs to see more of. Thanks to all the readers and writers, you are loved and appreciated. For my first post, I wanted to alert the world of a little peace campaign I started earlier this year. Hopefully, all you beautiful people will feel inspired to help me continue.

“We create peace by being peace. “-Reads the first line of Gabriel Cousen's Sevenfold Peace.
Earlier this year, in a mad craving for something New Age, I went to my local library’s bookstore and picked up a pre-loved copy of Sevenfold Peace. Upon reading the seemingly simple yet oh-so-revolutionary first line, my world view was shifted and my personal peace campaign began.

Originally, I had thought to buy packs of normal stickers and hand them out at my school, complimenting each person I gave them to in an effort to redirect their teenage minds to something a little more positive. However it soon became evident to me that a sticker could go so much farther in augmenting someone’s life. A simple sticker could be a message of peace. A simple sticker could be the symbol of my revolution.

And so it began, armed with little more than a few sharpies and a pack of “Hello My Name Is” stickers, I set about on my “quest”, handing each person a sticker for themselves and a few extra for friends instructing them to explain to their friends that “We create peace by being peace”. Before I knew it, kids I didn’t even know were wearing my peace stickers and I was fully content knowing that a few pieces of sticky paper with a single word could change the world.
Words are powerful things and the word “Peace” transcends them all. Be the Peace. Be the Change.

So please, help me continue my “Be the Peace” campaign! Go to your local office supply store and pick up a pack of “Hello My Name Is” stickers, let your creative juices flow in the act of making them, and spread the love that this Universe so freely emits.

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carla said...

Awesome first post, I'm so proud to be a part of your peace campaign. Looking forward to reading your other posts.