Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Street Conversation

This is a little chunk of concrete on 19th St. between 7th and 8th Avenue.

I pass this little cement rectangle every day during my walks to and from work, and so I've been able to follow an interesting conversation as it progresses.

First, an Obama supporter carved the words "God Bless President Obama!" into the still-wet cement. This was up for a week or two before a McCain supporter sprayed the red "McCain" over the word Obama.

Finally, someone came by and put a sticker on the fire hydrant that reads: "Abort the Republicans."

Amazing. In New York, even the sidewalks have opinions and arguments.

We say: Better a hundred thousand arguments than a single fist fight.

God, I love this town. Blessings to both candidates, to free speech, and to the incredible city of New York.

Love to All,



A Bunny said...

This is the best. You're the best.

carla said...

It's interesting to see Americans self-segregate themselves when it comes to politics, as demonstrated by the talking sidewalk.

Beatiful post, it is always wonderful to see freedom of speech and expression in action.

By the way, I never knew people walked around carrying McCain stencils and spray paint. Then again, just yesterday you put up a post about Dan Wagner carrying around those huge Obama letters. Talk about commitment!

jackson said...

Serious commitment!

I love a good conversation.