Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Got Summons'ed! (Updated!)

Good Morning SuperForest!!!

Today in NYC it is rainy and gray.
I've got to go down to the ol' courthouse because I was an extremely naughty monkey and was riding my bicycle on the sidewalk.

The NYPD was kind enough to point this out and now I must cruise down and face the music.
So, light posting today, but I will definitely try to post once I get back.




All charges dismissed. Not sure why, but I made sure to wear my nattiest tie.
That straight rhymes, homes.

Special thanks to SuperForester Anthony, who gave me the lucky tie.


spoon said...

Oh no! Give Lady Justice a fist bump for me :D

jackson said...

done and done!

Alan Halsted said...

Well done Jackson, I got pulled up yesterday for speeding next to a school (only going a smidge over the speed limit, the one day I don't ride my bike to work) and the nice cop gave me a warning. I figured the universe was in a good mood briefly letting misdemeanors slide for the both of us...