Friday, October 3, 2008


This morning, while my iPod was set on shuffle, I stumbled across track 3 of John Mayer’s Continuum album, “Belief”. I have heard the song a countless number of times but for some reason, today the lyrics spoke to me in a way they hadn’t before.

Apart from its groovy beat, this song is probably one of the best pro-Peace songs of our generation; especially at a time when we are standing at a political crossroad in which the direction of the country will be decided in 32 days.

After conducting a bit of research I found that John has created his own brand, Another Kind of Green (AKOG).

Working with Reverb, AKOG is taking small steps toward environmental sustainability. Together, he and his fans have worked toward “greening his tours” by creating eco-friendly merchandise, carbon offsets, and waste reduction. To learn more about AKOG, visit the website by clicking here.

Great work John!

Go on with your bad self.

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