Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Casson Trenor - Sustainable Sushi!

Mmmmmm, sushi. We absolutely adore it. That said, we try not to eat it all the time because we're well aware of the trouble that our planets fishing stocks are facing.

So it was nice to get and email from SuperForester Dylan telling us about a new book coming out that will serve as a handy guide for how sustainable your sushi choices are.

Check it out:
"Written by fishery expert Casson Trenor, the pocket-size guide profiles the most common types of fish and shellfish that one might encounter at a sushi bar, offering information on where and how they are caught, whether or not they are safe for us, and how they are related to the current fishery crisis.

The guide takes into account all of the critical factors, from mercury levels to unregulated fishing practices, and offers a color-coded system that helps you choose sustainable and healthy options. This issue is just now gaining momentum on websites and blogs, following a recent article in Gourmet magazine."

Sustainable Sushi takes a lot of factors into account, and presents them in a clear, easily referenced guide. Couple that with beautiful illustrations of the fish being categorized and you've got an attractive and handy resource.

Here's a great quote from the afterword:

"In our world of growing populations and shrinking resources, changing the dining habits of a few individuals isn’t going to end starvation or bring about world peace. Sustainable Sushi isn’t trying to fool anyone into believing that. Rather, the point
of this book is to help you start thinking about sustainability in all aspects of life.

That being said, don’t underestimate the importance of your choices at the sushi bar. When we start asking questions and eschewing options like bluefin tuna in favor of more sustainable choices, we send a message that we care about the impact of the food we eat. Our actions demonstrate that we think about how our food is raised or captured, and our concern proves that the values behind our food are more important than its flavor.

Those individuals willing to think this way, to pass on a delicacy or forgo an old favorite because they believe in a sustainable lifestyle; they are the future of this planet."

Sustainability, sushi-related or otherwise, is a very tasty thing.

Casson Trenor

Good on you, Mr. Casson Trenor. Congratulations and thanks to you and North Atlantic Books for bringing this book out at such a crucial time.

Sustainable Sushi comes out in January of '09.

Love to fish and humans everywhere.

-Team SuperForest

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