Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Fall! Go Upstate!

Good Morning,

Here in NYC, the fall crispy air has arrived!It's not peak fall foliage time yet, but it's close and it is amazing in upstate NY.

If you have the opportunity, hop on the Trailways Bus and take a look at the beautiful trees changing colors and while you're there, go apple picking!!

Here is a site with a listing of all the places to go apple picking in the area.

I've only been to Stone Ridge Orchards, which is absolutely magnificent.

They have a great blog, too--called Organic Schmorganic: "Debunking the myth of organic in favor of local, ecological agriculture". Check it out. The owner, Mike Biltonen, goes into depth about the whole Organic vs Local debate, I've posted about in the past.

Have a local apple today (keeps the fuel consumption away!)


Oh...and then you can make a lovely apple pie!

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Mykal said...

Im originally from upstate NY (Binghamton) and really miss the fall now that I'm living in Colorado. Colorado is beautiful in its own right but nothing compares to seeing the leaves change on a long drive through the Catskill Mountains.