Sunday, October 5, 2008


What would be more awesome then presidential candidates? Right! Foldable presidential candidates!
And that's where foldUScandidate comes in. The website hosts pdf files containing templates of respectively: the candidates (Obama and McCain), their wives and the running mates (Biden and Palin). For the Clinton fans they also have a file for Hillary, yay!

So the idea is that you download a file, cut it out, put some glue on the destined lines and fold your candidate! After you've crafted a few you can do fun things with it. For example hold your own debates, use them in your puppet theatre, or you can let them... dance!

How awesome. There's also a flickr photostream where users from around the world can share their presidential-puppet-creations.



Anonymous said...

Just can't stop laughing here. I'm going to have a paper candidates party.

carla said...

The other day, I was at my school's bookstore and they were selling paper doll books of the presidential candidates and their families that you could dress up. Now, that was just a little weird.