Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Future Is Flexible

Remember those really amazing futuristic LCD screens in that Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise Film "Minority Report"?

Well that technology is here.

Apparently the military has had versions of this technology since the mid 90's. Only now it's gotten better, cheaper, and commercially viable. To the point where most everyone is familiar with (and uses it) on their ipods and iphones.

Now imagine your computers, your televisions, your every screen: flat, multi-touch, and FLEXIBLE!

This new Sony LCD may only be 2.5 inches, but it's the just the first of the future wave. Because the best part of this tech is that it's all organic, highly energy efficient, and will be cheaper to produce.  Big wins all around!

We at SuperForest loves this and can't wait to blog from those future foldable computers of our own.  Now that's men flying jetpacks, robots dancing, and bio screens just this week alone! What's next? I've still got my fingers crossed for the Hoverboards from "Back to The Future".
Any takers?


iwishthereweretenofthem said...

A hoverboard would be awesome! Sign me up for one!

jackson said...